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User Story

“I got paid within 24 hours give or take, and that was as a new user!

The checker is a phenomenal feature which does a broad credit check on the client being invoiced, so you get a decision straight away.”

Jamie, Director


Jamie is a director of Data Derivative. They use sophisticated data science technology to give companies insights on everything from plant and equipment efficiencies to smart energy
strategies. For example, using data to help a supermarket chain understand its energy profile across its stores, in order to make more effective decisions.

Clients with established purchasing systems tend to have fixed invoice terms, usually 30 days, and while it’s great to have work coming in, the bills still need to be paid.

What Jamie found particularly attractive about Penny was how it embraces technology to give financial decisions really quickly, whereas with a bank you could be waiting for ages and have to provide all sorts of paperwork and forecasts. He also appreciated the pre-approval checker and support:

While the online process is really quick and simple, I also really appreciated the one-to-one customer support from Penny, on the phone and online chat, and how they actively look for feedback.”