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User story

“These are uncertain times for businesses, with coronavirus and Brexit.


Penny is a great cash flow solution which gives peace of mind”


Michael Kingsnorth, Founder


Aperi Libertas

Michael owns Aperi Libertas Limited, an innovative IT company specialising in open source technologies. The business has two facets – a freelance business building web servers and email solutions, while the other, Aperimail, an email encryption service and range of applications for privacy and security.

Aperi Libertas has had success in securing some big corporate enterprises as clients, but this comes with its own challenges, with invoice payment terms stretching to as much as 90 days, without any real flexibility.

Peace of mind in the current climate

After his “better half” heard about Penny, Micheal thought it would be a good way to control cash flow, particularly when it comes to the freelance corporate work, as it gets money into the business straight away. Penny’s pre-approval checks also meant he could invoice new clients confident in the knowledge that he could get money in quickly without risk.