Staying motivated as a business owner in 2020
Staying motivated as a business owner in 2020

Staying motivated as a business owner in 2020

This year has really pulled the rug from under our feet. Especially those of us who run small businesses or are just starting a business. It has been demotivating, so it's no surprise that we are losing the drive to make our work succeed. But there are ways to defeat the 2020 blues and stay business motivated.

1 - Remember why you started

If your spirits are dampened by this year and you're finding yourself lacking inspiration, think about the beginnings of your business or the first spark of the idea for it (if you're just starting). Think of where the idea came from and what you wanted to achieve and why. It's likely that your passions are being buried under your worries, which is very normal for a year like this one. But if you can reach back and recapture that enthusiasm, you might be able to reignite the spark for your project and find the fire once more.

2 - Think outside the box

Thinking outside the box is not a new thing for small business owners but we doubt the box has ever been as consuming as the Covid-19 one. It's possible, no matter what kind of business you run, to come up with new and creative ways to seize your audience. A huge percentage of your business strategy will be online at the moment but there are so many different ways to build your clientele on the web, whether it's simply through social media, online events, live-streams, competitions, or just catering your product to a socially distanced lifestyle. It's more difficult, of course, for certain industries but where there's a will (and a whole heap of creative thinking) there's a way.

3 - Refresh your routine

A loss of motivation can sometimes be heightened by a change or a revamp of routine. Whether it's just adding a morning or evening walk to your day, giving yourself extra time when you wake up for a nice breakfast or doing some yoga on your lunch break, any small changes can help. Also, if you have the freedom to change up your work hours slightly, then maybe try a few different work patterns and see what works best for you.

4 - Beautify your workspace

Whether you work from home or at a socially distanced workplace currently, beautifying your workspace with personal touches can often help to increase focus and inspiration. Items like small plants, photographs, desk calendars, lamps and stylish stationery can make you feel more at ease in your work environment and thus more capable of getting things done.

5 - Lists and planning

Creating a plan is an almost-guaranteed way to feel more motivated and business-focused. There's no better feeling then when you have a strategy and it's all laid out in whatever form works for you - graph, planner, mind map or the very simple yet very effective to-do list. Let's face it; crossing something off a to-do list is an amazing feeling!

One thing you can cross off your to-do list this year is invoicing. If you'd like to make things simpler on the payments side of your business, consider using Penny to make submitting invoices and making payments easy and efficient. It will be one less thing to worry about and one way to feel more at ease. Penny was created to remove money worries for small businesses, so get in touch or check out our FAQs for more information.


Colin Gunnell

Colin Gunnell

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