PennyFreedom for Self Employed - Fast track your invoices

Self Employed

For many, starting a new business and becoming self-employed is the best way to go, it’s super simple to get started and the majority of the UK’s small businesses stay working this way forever.

Facilitating nearly every service, product, vocation and industry, sole traders make up a huge part of the UK’s economy, and we want to help them.

Sometimes accessing additional money or asking clients to pay faster can be daunting, that’s why we created Penny.

Income is the lifeblood of all those self-employed, getting it to fit around your life rather than your life fitting around your income makes a massive difference.

Penny gives you the power to control exactly when you get paid, you’ll never need to wait to be paid again.

Real people, real stories…

Hannah loves to bake, always has. She started doing it as a part time business whilst taking some time out from her city job raising her 2 children.

What started as baking bread and cakes for family and friends went to supplying local independent coffee shops and restaurants with her bakes to now creating bespoke wedding cakes.

“I didn’t want to take a loan”

Hannah still works from home but due to her success she has renovated what used to be an old outhouse into her own “boutique” bakery.

Hannah has 2 part time staff that help with baking and delivery. Due to the nature of Hannah’s business she always has high outgoings on the cost of ingredients, boxes and icing to do what she does best.

Supplying into local coffee shops and hotels is great for her business. The downside is she finds that they all ask to pay her on 60 day terms which can be tricky when you have flour to buy!

Hannah didn’t want to take a loan or overdraft from the bank and wasn’t even sure she would be able to get one. Penny allows her to invoice all her clients at the end of the month and have her money in her account the next day.

Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business, control it on your terms.