Our Pricing: PennyFreedom - Get your invoice paid in 24 hours

Our Pricing

Clear, transparent pricing.

Here at Penny we like to keep things simple, that’s why we have straightforward and fully transparent pricing.

We don’t charge any monthly fees or have any subscriptions.

You’re always in control

When you submit an invoice we’ll tell you exactly how much you’ll be paid in pounds and pence! It’s then your choice if you want to proceed.

Penny Account

No Subscription
£0.00 per month


  • Unlimited invoicing
  • Unlimited Credit Control
  • Invoice reports
  • UK Support Team
  • No Bank payment fees

Penny is tax deductible, saving you even more money.


Free invoice creation and management


  • Add clients, create, edit and send invoices
  • Access on any device
  • Pre-screen clients to see financial security
  • Access instant payment options on demand

Upfront Payment

Accelerate your invoice payments and get paid faster


  • Everything in standard +
  • Upfront invoice payments
  • Full administration service
  • Fixed fees (per 14 days)