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Penny pre-approval checker now live!

With our new pre-approval checker, you can instantly find out how much advance funding you can access – simply by entering the name of your client’s company.

We are always seeking to enhance the Penny user experience by listening to, and acting on user feedback. 

The latest innovation we have made to the Penny platform is a simple pre-approval checker, so you can enter a client’s name and instantly find out the maximum advance funding available for that client, without having to actually raise an invoice. 

Here’s how:

Just log in to your Penny account and enter the name of your client:

Penny will run a number of checks and confirm whether we can advance invoices for that client, and the maximum amount available:

pre-approval checker

pre-approval checker

Bear in mind that Penny’s smart algorithm looks at the most recent data available, so even if we are not able to offer advance funding on an invoice for a particular client today, that may change in the future. You may also be able to get pre-approval on invoices for your other clients. 

You don’t know until you check 

Try Penny’s pre-approval checker today, and be secure in the knowledge that instant cash flow is waiting for you, should you need it.

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