Penny partners with Fiverr to bring on-the-go finance to freelancers
Penny partners with Fiverr to bring on-the-go finance to freelancers

Penny partners with Fiverr to bring on-the-go finance to freelancers

We’re thrilled to announce that we will be working with Fiverr to introduce the power of Penny to thousands of freelancers across their platform.

Fivver is a global marketplace whose mission is to change how the world works together. Their platform connects businesses of all sizes with freelancers offering digital services across a range of verticals including graphic design, digital marketing, programming, video and animation.

This makes Fiverr a dynamic hub for thousands of UK freelance creatives, enabling them to showcase their talent and skills to a wider buying audience.

Fiverr seeks to empower entrepreneurs to focus on growth by creating a successful business at a realistic cost. And here at Penny, that is something we can really get behind!

Financial freedom for freelancers

The freelancer community in the UK stands at 2 million, a figure set to expand as many more turn to self-employment during the pandemic.

For the vast majority, when you work on a freelance basis, that is your main occupation, obtaining work from a number of different sources.

Working with Fiverr, it’s all very easy: sign up for free, connect with customers and get paid when an order is completed.

So it can come as a shock to the system if you then do work for other clients, invoice directly and have to wait 60-90 days for payment!

That’s where Penny comes in, with its on demand tech-driven cash flow solution. Penny gives freelancers financial freedom by releasing cash tied up in invoices as well as taking admin and stress out of the equation.

Freelancers win

Penny provides Fiverr freelancers with a cash flow opportunity that is not readily available to them from any other source - this is especially true of sole traders, as less than 1% of business lenders can assist them, yet their cash flow needs are the same as any other small business.

Fiverr freelancers automatically benefit from 20% off Penny fees, so they can access their invoice income quicker, for less. In turn, Penny users get a discount on Fiverr membership, so everyone wins!

Above all, the partnership between Fiverr and Penny is to support and champion freelancers and small businesses, empowering them to get where they want to be.


Lynne Gowers

Lynne Gowers

Lynne is a highly experienced marketing and communications professional and leads the team here at Penny. LinkedIn.

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