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Become a Penny Partner

We're passionate about partnerships

Turning Penny into pounds

Thousands of small businesses already use Penny for an instant cash flow injection when they need it. Together with our partners we want to give thousands more that opportunity.

Penny is revolutionizing how small businesses get their invoices paid – become a partner and spread the word.

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Add value

Traditional funding options can be restrictive, particularly for new businesses or those with a less than perfect credit history. If your clients have been turned down for funding elsewhere, it can be frustrating to have to show them the door.

Being a Penny partner means you don’t have to.

We partner with selected brokers, accountants and financial services providers to help them add value to their audience, while benefiting from commercial rewards and reciprocal business.

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Penny Enterprise Partners

We built Penny to be a service that works for everyone. Users get their hands on cash quicker, while the businesses they supply are still able to pay on their usual payment terms. 

As a Penny Enterprise Partner, you can earn a cash reward for every supplier referral.

There’s no additional processes or paperwork and absolutely no obligation to refer. But if you do bring someone onboard, we’ll give you 1% cash back on all their subsequent invoice transactions paid through us. 

Email to find out more.