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Freelancers & Contractors

We believe freelancers and contractors are the unsung heroes of industry.

From creative and design to manufacturing and engineering, business throughout the UK relies on the skill, flexibility and hard work of freelancers in order to achieve success.

But even with all the amazing services this talent provides, sometimes actually getting paid for the work you do can be a pain. Long payment terms, unpaid invoices, this will be great exposure, we’ve heard it all.

Income is the lifeblood to all freelancers, getting it to fit around your life rather than your life fitting around your income makes a massive difference.

Penny gives you the power to control exactly when you get paid, you’ll never need to chase that late payment again.

Real people, real stories.

Linda is a freelance copywriter and loves her job!  Most of her clients commission her to write online articles, blogs and white papers, but in the last few years she has been winning more work delivering website content.

Linda happily describes herself as the typical “bedroom freelancer”, she mainly works from home, rarely visits clients and is fortunate enough to have most of her new business via word of mouth.

“So easy”

Linda says:

“At first I was a little unsure, the idea of getting paid before my client settled my invoices was a little weird if I’m being totally honest, but it’s been fab”.

Linda’s biggest bugbear about freelancing is chasing invoices. She has had multiple unpaid invoices she didn’t feel she could chase for fear of annoying her clients. But, as she fitted her lifestyle around her freelancer income, unpaid invoices meant less money for the things she enjoyed.

Now Linda’s finances fit around her life, she uses Penny for all her invoices because it’s just “so easy”.

Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business, control it on your terms.