PennyFreedom for Agencies - Save Money on Your Invoices


Penny is the UK’s first on-demand payment platform linking agencies, limited company contractors and freelancers.

Your process, systems and technology stay the same, Penny simply solves the cash flow gap between timesheet submission and payment at no cost to the agency.

Penny works for everyone. Recruitment agencies receive 28 day payment terms, contractors get paid the same day they submit timesheets.



Sends payroll schedule to Penny and pays on 28 day terms.



Penny provides payment processing and back office functions.



Penny gives the worker the option of same day payment or 28 day terms.

Effortless Integration

Penny works with existing processes allowing agencies to manage all limited company contractor payments with a single credit termed payment.

Penny has no cost to agencies, it is completely flexible with no tie-ins.

  • Pays all PSC workers in 1 transaction
  • Pays on 28 day credit terms
  • Saves 1% in payroll costs
  • Mitigates IR35 risk
  • Penny manages whole process for Agency

Recruitment Agency Invoice Finance

Whether you’re an established business or an excited new start-up Penny’s agile funding may be the right finance solution for you.

Flexibility, speed and only paying for services you use are key to the modern agency.

Ask yourself…

  • Why pay minimum service fees or auditing costs for finance you may not need?
  • Why be tied in to annual contracts when your business needs will change?
  • Why go through intrusive auditing to obtain a facility?
  • Why be forced to finance all your invoices if you don’t need too?

Our flexible funding allows recruitment agencies to finance invoice for perm, contract or management work completely on demand!

No contracts or annoying systems or processes to follow, just easy access to funding whenever you need it.

Penny reduces friction between timesheets, payments and cash flow