About Us: PennyFreedom - How we help businesses mange cashflow

About Penny

Get to know us a little better


Penny’s journey started back in 2017 when 2 friends had the same problem. The developer and accountant, both self-employed themselves, experienced money worries waiting for their invoices to be paid, whilst wasting hours each week chasing and managing outstanding payments.

On a cold March afternoon, they argued there must be a better way for micro businesses to get paid, and 4 months later the first Penny prototype was born.

Our Story

Penny knows exactly how difficult it can be juggling your business, clients, delivering services and finding new work… without the extra headache of waiting for invoices to be paid.

Penny was created for one very specific reason, to allow small business owners to enjoy life by removing money worry.

Our Portsmouth team just likes to keep things simple, there’s no need for invoice payments to be complicated, sometimes it just needs a different way of looking at things.

We hope to help many more businesses  supercharge their cash flow though the upcoming years and help them ditch money worry.