PennyFreedom: Instant Invoice Advance - Get your invoice paid in 24h

Supercharge your cash flow.

Simple software that funds invoices on demand.

Instant decisions, instant funding, instant control.

Meet Penny

Instant decisions, instant cash flow

Slow cash flow is painful, Penny solves the problem by paying your invoices instantly whilst your clients and customers pay as normal.

Penny is open to everyone, we’re not interested in your credit history or how long you’ve been trading, we don’t ask for security or for you to “sign your life away” in a complicated contract…we just want to pay your invoice today!

  • Instant invoice payments
  • Accelerate your cash flow
  • Instant control

How Penny works

Getting paid has never been easier


Using Penny is easy, think of us as a business partner, invoice software and your own personal finance team rolled into one.

When it’s time to raise an invoice, just add your client and create one in just a few taps. Penny then gives you the option to get paid instantly and tells you how much it will cost.

Funds will be in your bank just as soon as we confirm the invoice – this can be as little as 30 minutes.

  • Instantly check the eligibility of your invoices
  • Raise your invoices and get paid straight away
  • Your clients pay when they normally would

Built to help you grow

You’re in control

Waiting for payments can be painful and hold your business back, we don’t think that’s right…

That’s why we created Penny, so you can relax knowing you’ll be paid in a flash and can focus on growing your business.

  • Get invoices paid upfront 
  • Your clients pay as usual
  • Ditch cash flow worry

Cash flow on Tap

Instant cash flow, instant control

Penny creates, buys and pays your invoices so you receive money instantly.

With Penny there’s no more waiting for payments or annoying admin.


Super flexible

Control your cash flow anywhere

Life moves fast when you run a business, that’s why Penny fits around you.

There’s no waiting for decisions or complicated forms, Penny takes just an instant!


All are welcome

We’re interested in people, not paperwork

We don’t have overbearing or unfair criteria to pass, if you have a business you can use Penny.

That’s just one of the unique things about us at Penny.


Tax deductible

The efficiencies keep coming

Penny fees are tax deductible, that’s one more reason to supercharge your cash flow.

  • Tax deductible fees
  • Make Penny even more efficient
  • Access invoice data on demand


Simple, clear & transparent

Normal Payment

Free invoice creation and management


  • Create, edit and send invoices
  • Pre-screen clients to see their financial security
  • Get paid on your normal payment terms

Instant Payment

Accelerate your cash flow


  • Instant invoice payments
  • Full administration service
  • Fee from 2.5% per 30 days + VAT

"Penny is a great cash flow solution"

“Penny is a great cash flow solution that gives piece of mind”


“The checker is a phenomenal feature so you get a decision straight away”


“Pick and choose what you factor. It’s so simple”