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Get instant approval in 3,2,1...

It's super simple to quickly check if your invoices can be paid instantly. All you have to do is enter your client's name below and hold tight for a few seconds.

No fuss, faff or need to sign up.

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Your invoices can be paid instantly. Your first payment is free.

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Instant invoice payments

Free yourself from waiting to be paid, with Penny you get paid instantly whilst your clients pay as normal.

Using Penny is easy, think of us as an invoicing app and your own personal finance team rolled into one.

Penny is used by all types of businesses, from delivery drivers and freelancers to recruitment agencies and construction companies, no matter your business you’re free to use Penny.

Penny instantly pays your invoices.


to grow

Waiting for payment is painful and holds your business back.

That’s why we created Penny, so you can relax knowing you’ll be paid instantly and can focus on growing your business.



from stress

Your time is valuable, don’t waste it chasing payments.

Free yourself and control cash flow on your terms.


Has the Penny Dropped?

The faster way to get paid. Instant decisions, instant funds, instant control.

Your money in hours, not weeks.



Sit back and relax knowing your invoices will be paid instantly, without fuss or hassle.

Free up more time for what’s important.


Financial Freedom

You don't have to sign your life away to get invoices paid instantly, we believe in freedom.

With Penny there is no credit checks, personal guarantees, subscription costs of tie-ins.



Your first payment is on us

Signing up for new service can be daunting, we get that.

We're so confident you'll love getting your invoices paid instantly that we'll process your first one for free so you can try it for yourself.

And when we say free we mean it, 100% FREE.

All you need to do is create your account, enter your invoice details and we’ll pay you instantly.

As soon as your invoice is settled, we'll refund your entire fee automatically, no questions asked.


How does it work?

Let's start with how much it costs (we know that’s the first thing you'll want to know) Penny fees start from just 2.5%.

Fees may vary based on the particular client being invoiced or your invoice terms. Fees are shown clearly before all instant payment transactions giving you complete control at all times.

When you want an invoice paid instantly simply create one in just a few clicks, Penny then gives you an instant decision and pays you straight away.

You will receive 100% of your invoice value minus our fee.

When your invoice becomes due your client pays as normal, we said it was easy.

Join the thousands of businesses enjoying a world with more financial freedom and get your invoices paid instantly.


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